CO-Founders Presented Their Key Steps for Launching a Successful Business during Geekend 2015 in Savannah, Georgia

Jacqueline Verdier and Dominic Suszanski, co-founders of Selfie On A Stick LLC, and, transported conference attendees into the world of selfie sticks during their keynote speech at the second annual Geekend Conference in Savannah, Georgia. The interactive discussion highlighted how Verdier and Suszanski first saw selfie sticks in action during a vacation in Asia, and how they realized there was an enormous opportunity to bring high quality selfie sticks to America.

The keynote, titled “Selfies and Success” used the selfies and selfWE’s the two have taken over the 18 months since launching in July 2014, to illustrate three key lessons that Verdier and Suszanski believe all entrepreneurs should learn. First, create a product or service that helps people; second, focus on quality and brand differentiation; and third, go all in!

Suszanski says “Taking part in Geekend was an honor and we were thrilled to talk with and share ideas with the different entrepreneurs we met. We have learned a lot throughout the last year and a half and we think the story is both really fun and truly inspiring for any entrepreneur that is looking to seize an incredible opportunity.”

Verdier adds, “We love speaking with other entrepreneurs and are always willing to share ideas and brainstorm in order to help others achieve success.”

The conference was held from Oct. 15 through Oct. 17. It brought together the brightest designers, coders, innovators, artists, technology mavericks and forward-thinking entrepreneurs in Savannah. The three day conference featured content-driven presentations, interactive workshops, thought-provoking panels, networking opportunities and undiluted information from top regional, national and international experts covering a variety of intertwined and interdisciplinary topics.