How A Selfie Stick Could Save Your Spine!

Selfie sticks have received a lot of attention lately, with media talking about bans and celebrities loving the great angles they can take. Even Chuck D released his own selfie stick, the Chuck D Ussie Stick. But did you know that Selfie On A Stick selfie sticks can save you from the health consequences of text neck?

According to various articles on the topic, text neck refers to injuries and pain from staring down at your phone for too long. Symptoms of text neck include chronic headaches, dizziness, and back pain. New York City chiropractor Dr. Douglas Fredman of Kura Chiropractic states that these symptoms are traced back to more severe consequences for your spinal health.

"Staring down at your phone changes the natural curve of your spine,” Dr. Fredman says. “That natural curve is what keeps you from being a hunched over old person. Instead of maintaining that healthy curve, constantly looking down at your phone is deforming your spine and creating a huge amount of pressure on your spine. It’s changing the center of gravity and can cause headaches, neck pain, dizziness, as well as create a lot of muscular weakness that can lead to arthritis.”

Kenneth Hansraj, a New York back surgeon, published his calculations in the  Surgical Technology International, and found that 60 pounds is the amount of force exerted on the head of an adult human who is looking down at her phone

"As the head tilts forward the forces seen by the neck surges to 27 pounds at 15 degrees, 40 pounds at 30 degrees, 49 pounds at 45 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees," Hansraj writes in the paper.

If susceptible smartphone users aren’t careful, text neck can become the new normal. Adolescents are currently the most vulnerable demographic, and kids as young as 8-13 years old are already suffering from neck pain and headaches among other symptoms. As Dr. Fredman warns, “Right now adolescents are the group most I’m worried about primarily because before puberty the bones aren’t even fully fused yet. These kids are being raised already in an altered state and their musculature is not even built to maintain proper posture, so these kids have a very bad beginning...These kids should have perfect posture and they don’t. The patterns we develop when we’re children are the ones that can take us into adulthood.”

Thankfully, the Selfie On A Stick Wired selfie stick comes with a doctor’s recommendation as a way to reap the benefits of your IPhone without the long-term consequences. Dr. Fredman says, “With the selfie stick, there’s no shrugging and no looking downward. I liked the idea of selfie sticks for reading and I see much greater benefits than just for pictures. I strongly endorse using it when staring at your screen for a long period of time or reviewing things on your IPhone. So when kids are reading or going through Facebook, you’re going to do it with a stick much like you would do with a computer. We don’t usually have a computer on our knees because it’s at eye level. That’s what we should be mimicking.”