Do's and Don’ts for your perfect #StickPic from

Selfie Do's

1. Do...Know Your Angles

Step aside Kim K... Extend the Selfie On A Stick to find your best angles—avoiding the dreaded “selfie chin” and snapping a smile, duck face or trout pout instead. No judgment here. 

2. Do...Make it a Full Length

No more mirror selfies, ever. Get your entire outfit in the picture by expanding the Selfie On A Stick to its full three and a half feet and adjusting your grip to turn the phone. Yep, even your new shoes will fit in the frame.

3. Do...Make it an Ussie

The trouble with being the cameraman (or woman) is that you're never in a photo! (And if you're not tagged on Instagram, were you even there?) Claim your rightful place by standing front and center of an ussie holding the Selfie on a Stick. Say cheese and click the stick quickly, especially when capturing your kids, pets or, a, ahem, rowdy bunch.

4. Do...Change Your Perspective

Get above the crowds at the next kid's party, school play, or a night on the town. You can angle the Selfie on a Stick down to get that perfect bird’s eye view of a stage, bar or any other venue (#YOLO).

5. Do...Connect with Friends

Tired of holding your phone or finding something to prop it up against during FaceTime, Skype, or Oovoo calls? Selfie On A Stick can be placed on a level surface to keep your phone upright, so you'll be comfy when you finally bite the bullet and call your grandma—even after hour one...two...three...

6. Do...Binge Watch Netflix

Did you need another excuse to binge on House of Cards? Selfie On A Stick is the perfect tool to help you watch your favorite shows from bed, by setting it on a pillow or a side table. About those Saturday night plans...

7. Do...Capture Amazing Memories

Use your Selfie on a Stick to capture unforgettable moments like weddings, graduations, holidays and family parties. Years from now, you'll be glad you did.


Selfie Don’ts:

1. Don't...Put Your Selfie Above Your or Other People's Safety

When you’re in crowded areas or doing physical activities, be aware of your surroundings. Selfie casualties are a very real concern. Need proof? See here:


2. Don’t…Leave Anyone Out

Why take a selfie when you could take an ussie?!

3. Don’t...Be Oblivious

Be courteous of others and don't use your selfie stick in inappropriate places. Rule of thumb: If the environment is not appropriate for a selfie, don’t use your selfie stick either! This goes for the office, the bathroom and--do we even need to say it?--funerals. That’s just asking for a kick in the head:

4. Don’t...Selfie and Drive

            No selfie is worth losing your car or your life.

5. Don’t…Take Phone Calls with your Selfie Stick

No need to shout. The Selfie on a Stick is great for a lot of things, but taking phone calls isn’t one of them.

6. Don’t use in thunderstorms

            Repeat after us: Selfie sticks and lightning do not mix.

7.   Don't...Use Your Selfie Stick on a Roller Coaster

            Seriously, just don't.