FOX 5 NY Tech Reviewer Shelly Palmer Praises Selfie On A Stick Wired Selfie Stick

Shelly Palmer, Tech Analyst for FOX 5 WNYW NYC reviewed the Wired selfie stick after taking the stick on a family vacation. Ben Simmoneau points out that a selfie stick helps travelers avoid stranger danger because people no longer have to risk having their phone stolen by the stranger you ask to take a photo.

Shelly goes on to explain the differences in quality between and other selfie stick brands, noting that anyone considering a stick from a street corner simply shouldn’t because you don’t want to risk your expensive smartphone falling out. In addition, Shelley points out that he prefers the Wired model to Bluetooth, mainly because the Wired selfie stick doesn’t require any charging. The Bluetooth selfie stick will last approximately 100 hours between charges and comes with a USB charging cable.

Both Selfie On A Stick Wired and Bluetooth selfie sticks are compatible with most handheld devices, including iOS (iPhone, iPod, iTouch), Android (Samsung Galaxy), digital cameras, and more.

To work Selfie On A Stick Wired, simply place your smartphone into the spring-loaded clamp, plug the wire into the headphone jack, and open your camera application. Then extend your selfie stick and press the button on the stick to take a great photo.

To operate Selfie On A Stick Bluetooth, turn on the stick’s Bluetooth at the bottom of the selfie stick and pair it with your smartphone using the phone’s Bluetooth settings. Then open your camera application, place your phone in the adjustable clamp, and snap away.’s full range of selfie sticks are also a great gift for holiday party guests to use throughout a party. Already shopping for a holiday gift swap, White Elephant, or Secret Santa party? Bring the gift that will get the most reactions and watch as people try to take the best selfie! All selfie sticks are currently on sale and free standard shipping is available for a limited time.

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