HollywoodLife.com Names Selfie On A Stick a Must Have Travel Accessory

Selfie sticks are a great travel accessory. If you think about it, how is using the selfie stick not improving our lives? You and your partner don't need to take pictures of each other alone on your honeymoon anymore, and you can squeeze more people, and more of the background into the photo. People no longer have to waste time waiting around for a pleasant-looking passerby to help take a family portrait or worry about a stranger running off with your smartphone anymore.

Using a selfie stick also gives the user more creative freedom over what goes into our pictures, as we can see what the image looks like before clicking the trigger. This saves time, because you don't have to review your photo and then reshoot if you don't like the result.

Selfie On A Stick asks users to be considerate and aware of one’s surroundings when using a selfie stick while travelling and to always be respectful to those around them and to follow posted rules at attractions and venues.

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