New York Post highlights Selfie On A Stick and Interviews CEO

The New York Post interviewed Selfie On A Stick co-founders Jacqueline Verdier and Dominic Suszanski to discuss selfie stick Christmas shopping on December 19, 2014. At the time, several retailers were stocking selfie sticks for the first time and were selling out everywhere. Bloomberg News reported that “Nordstrom Inc., which carried the Selfie On A Stick Classic Seflie Stick model in 118 stores starting in late November, said it had to reorder the item twice before Christmas and is currently sold out. Selfie On A Stick President Dominic Suszanski points out that “they needed them so quickly that we sent the final Nordstrom orders directly to stores bypassing their distribution centers which is very unusual and exciting!”

During their interview with the NY Post, Verdier remembered using the first selfie stick model sold by, the Selfie On A Stick Classic with Bluetooth Remote. A group of tourists from Miami approached Dominic and Jacqueline during the interview to see what was going on. Reporter Haley Goldberg stopped the group, and one girl, Maria Alarcon initially scoffed when asked if she’d use a selfie stick, adding that she would refuse to hold the device. But minutes later, her friends agreed to try out the selfie stick and couldn’t get enough pictures. Suszanski says “They were so excited when they actually started using it that we let them keep the stick!”

Christmas 2014 was just the start of the selfie stick phenomenon. now offers two additional models, the Wired and the Bluetooth selfie sticks, both on sale now! The Wired and Bluetooth selfie sticks work with most smartphones including iPones and Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy Edge and 6. 

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Selfie On A Stick CEO Jacqueline Verdier in the New York Post

Selfie On A Stick CEO Jacqueline Verdier in the New York Post