People Stylewatch names Selfie On A Stick Must Have Accessory

People Stylewatch compiled a list of  “8 SELFIE-PERFECTING BEAUTY PRODUCTS” that will help instagrammers perfect a filter free selfie.  People Styewatch notes “Can you really be a selfie pro if you don’t own a selfie stick? Uh, no. sells four different types of selfie sticks in various funky colors, which are compatible with most smartphones and many digital cameras. Grab one of these, load up your face with your new products and wait for your “likes” to blow up.”

See why People love Selfie On A Stick Wired. It is so easy to use. Simply plug the stick’s wire into your phones headphone jack, and click the stick to take the pic. No batteries or charging required. The Selfie On A Stick Wired selfie stick works with iOS and Android devices including iPhones, iTouch, Samsung Galaxy and many more.

The Selfie On A Stick Wired selfie stick is great for family photos, whether they’re around the Christmas tree or at the beach on the next family vacation. Selfie On A Stick makes getting everyone into the picture easy! Selfie On A Stick Wired extends over three and a half feet which will keep the whole family in the frame, let you get above crowds, or capture your best angles (no more selfie chin!).

All selfie sticks are on sale and free standard shipping is available for a limited time.