The First #CelebrityStick from Chuck D and Selfie On A Stick, The Chuck D #Ussie Stick

Selfie On A Stick LLC is proud to announce its first celebrity collaboration with legendary artist Chuck D. The ‘VIDsanity Ussie Stick Powered by Chuck D’ is available now here on Selfie On A Stick. Fans and customers can purchase the ‘Chuck D Ussie Stick’ to take selfies and ussies and share across social media using the hashtags #ChuckDUssie #SquadStick #StickPic #MeToWe.

“There is a very obvious reason why I came up with the term #USSIE…30 years, 104 tours, 103 countries in music and 25 years on the lecture circuit,” Chuck D says. “Yes, I take a lot of pictures and now smartphone pics have replaced the autograph. I take many of them self shot. People say 'Oh, a selfie,' and I correct them by saying two or more people is an ‘Ussie.’” Chuck D continues, as in the words to the infectious song ‘#USSIE’ by Chuck D’s SPITdigital recording artist Haley And Us, “Ussie, ussie not a selfie…come on let’s take an Ussie!” (

The ‘Chuck D Ussie Stick’ is based on the ‘’s Wired’ selfie stick model, which is compatible with most handheld devices including iOS 5.1+, and Android 4.3+ devices. To use a 'Chuck D Ussie Stick' fans can simply place a smartphone into the spring-loaded clamp, plug the wire into the headphone jack, and open a camera application. Then extend the Ussie Stick and click the button on the stick to take the perfect photo. The sticks are expected to sell for $24.99 and will come in special edition packaging designed by Chuck D.

“Chuck loves Ussies and he understands the power a picture has,” Selfie On A Stick CEO Jacqueline Verdier says. “Chuck is an icon and is thrilled to collaborate with him. In choosing to partner with Selfie On A Stick, Chuck recognized's premium quality and reputation for customer satisfaction. More people are realizing that the selfie stick is a misnomer, as this is an accessory that helps capture life’s amazing moments with friends and family. Soon, everyone will be saying, 'Come on, let’s take an #Ussie!'”

The ‘Chuck D Ussie Stick’ will be available at for $24.99 until the special edition sells out (quantities are limited). Retailers interested in stocking the 'Chuck D Ussie Stick' can contact for wholesale pricing by email at info(at)selfieonastick(dot)com or by phone at 212-706-6038.

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