Macworld Says The Selfie On A Stick Wired Selfie Stick Is A Perfect Travel Accessory

Macworld recently tested 5 selfie stick brands to help consumers differentiate between the variety of selfie sticks available on the market today. As writer Sarah Purewal points out "There are a few different things to look out for when you’re buying a selfie stick, including length (when folded and extended), type of shutter (Bluetooth or wired), overall sturdiness, and clamp size and strength. If you fail to do your research before you buy a selfie stick, you could end up with a stick that’s only a few inches longer than your arm, or that has Bluetooth and a battery that only lasts five pictures."

Macworld says that the Selfie On A Stick Wired Selfie Stick " the lightest selfie stick in our round-up, weighing just four ounces. The Wired selfie stick comes in a variety of bright colors (green, purple, pink, light blue, and black) and has a slim handle with a ridged rubber grip and a compact, foldable design, making it the perfect travel companion." Adding, "While a wired selfie stick might seem a little clunky versus a Bluetooth stick, the Wired selfie stick doesn’t need to be charged or paired with your phone, nor does it sap battery life from your phone by forcing it to use Bluetooth." 

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