How Snapping a Selfie with the Seahawks Supports A Seattle Food Bank

A Seattle realtor has found a way to incorporate his favorite football team into raising funds for the Edmond's Carol Rowe Memorial Food Bank. After playing "Santa" at the food bank's annual Christmas Giveaway for eight years he was inspired to find alternative ways to raise money. “It’s pretty priceless to see the look on kids’ faces,” Perrault said as he described what it’s like to hand out gifts – of a smaller scale – as Santa.

Three of the Seahawks’ star players – Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson – and Coach Pete Carroll are featured in an 8-by-8 custom, airbrushed mural outside of Jack Perrault’s downtown Edmonds office at 115 5th Ave. S.

“Obviously, people dig the Seahawks,” Perrault said. His combined excitement for the team and a desire to help Edmonds’ Carol Rowe Memorial Food Bank sparked an idea – create a mural and have people donate $1 to the food bank for the chance to snap a selfie with the Seahawks. Perrault collaborated with airbrush artist Ramsey Chavez to come up with the concept, and the mural went up on Nov. 28.

So far, Perrault has raised $200 for the food bank; however, he said quite a few people walk by and snap a photo without leaving a donation. The mural will be up through the week of Christmas, and he’s hoping to collect more in donations. Perrault’s connection to the food bank is as close to his heart as his connection to the Seahawks.

Over the years, he’s noticed that many people and families who rely on the food bank are living paycheck to paycheck, and are only one away from homelessness. Peggy Kennedy, executive director of the food bank, said she anticipates serving about 350 people on Tuesday, Dec. 22. The food bank, which operates out of the Edmonds United Methodist Church at 828 Caspers St., will open between 9-9:30 a.m., and volunteers have stocked enough food to give each family enough for a holiday dinner and two additional weeks of meals. Those who reside in Edmonds will be served first, Kennedy said, and others will be welcome after.

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Photo credit - Eric Schofhauser