Selfie On A Stick Co-Founder's Alma Mater, CU Boulder, Lists Top 5 Campus Selfie Locations co-founder Jacqueline Verdier loved her time spent at University of Colorado Boulder, she was even Vice President of her graduating class and has been profiled by Coloradan Magazine. However, her time at CU was spent without a selfie stick, but times have certainly changed! 

In a recent article for, writer and photographer Melanie Adams shares her top 5 selfie spots around the CU Boulder campus. The sites will be familiar to anyone who has spent time on campus and are great spots for any prospective students to check out. According to Melanie, her top 5 spots are: 

  1. The "stunning Flatirons" of Farrand Field
  2. Snapping a selfie with the view from the rooftop patio of UMC
  3. A game day portrait with CU Boulder mascot Ralphie
  4. A scenic selfies from the shores of Varsity Pond
  5. An ussie with the statue of Robert Frost outside Old Main

While taking your selfies either by arm extension or with your selfie stick, Melanie points out "Don't become one of those people who falls while pursuing that perfect selfie."  

The team wish all returning CU Boulder students a great semester and be sure to have your selfie stick ready for Spring Break!