Watch as Russian Space Junk Surprises a Man Using His Selfie Stick

While out testing his selfie stick on Saturday January 2, Charnchai Jardpimai spotted something hurtling across the sky. He quickly spun around to see what was going on and was able to film what he thought was a meteor streaking through the sky above Phitsanulok province in Thailand.

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand said that the object was most likely debris from a Russian rocket launch in early December, not a meteor falling to Earth. Parts of the rocket were predicted to land on the same day Jardpimai captured his video. 

Space trash entering Earth’s atmosphere has become increasingly common as the amount orbiting the planet continues to grow. NASA tracks the motion of space garbage around Earth, and while most debris burns up in the atmosphere before ever hitting the ground, rare pieces of rockets and old satellites make their way through the atmosphere. Check out the full video below.