British YouTube Star James Ware Snatches Selfie Stick World Record from Ben Stiller

Earlier in February the man who gave us Blue Steel, Ben Stiller, broke the Guinness World Record for the world's longest selfie stick at the Zoolander 2 première in Leicester Square. Less than three weeks after breaking the record, YouTube star James Ware has ripped the title away from the Zoolander star.  The selfie stick Ben Stiller used to capture the epic ussie with co-stars including Owen Wilson and Penelope Cruz,  on February 5 measured 8.56m, James Ware's measured a whopping 9.57m, that's over 31 feet long! The stick certainly isn't as easy to handle as our Selfie On A Stick models, which extend as far as three and a half feet! 

Check out the video which shows how James created the DIY selfie stick and got it across central London!