WARNING: Beware of cheap imitations! Key differences that make SelfieOnAStick.com a better stick for a better pic!

SelfieOnAStick.com, the best reviewed selfie stick in the USA, is warning shoppers about cheap imitation selfie sticks and the differences between a genuine SelfieOnAStick.com selfie stick and those found on discount sites and stores.

Selfie On A Stick LLC launched SelfieOnAStick.com in July 2014, and was the first major selfie stick brand to be sold in the United States. Throughout 2014 and 2015 SelfieOnAStick.com has been stocked by discerning retailers including Nordstrom and QVC as well as other high end shops across America.

CEO and Co-founder Jacqueline Verdier says “It’s important for consumers to know that SelfieOnAStick.com is a higher quality selfie stick brand because there are many faceless selfie sticks out there of questionable quality. We know shoppers can be attracted to lower prices and confused by choices, but when dealing with a $600+ mobile device, do you want to risk your phone’s life by putting it on the end of a cheap stick just to save a few bucks?! We often hear from competitors’ dissatisfied customers whose cheaper stick resulted in a damaged phone; we are very proud to say that we have never received this complaint from a SelfieOnAStick.com customer.”

What are the key differences between a SelfieOnAStick.com selfie stick and others on the market? Selfie On A Stick focuses on quality above all else. A better stick for a better pic! All SelfieOnAstick.com selfie sticks have a handle that is made of silicone which has an overall softer more comfortable feel (plus we have some really fun color options including glow in the dark). All SelfieOnAStick.com selfie sticks extend three and a half feet, making them amongst the longest selfie stick available. The spring loaded clamp on top of each SelfieOnAStick.com selfie stick adjusts to hold the larger smartphones on the market, even in cases (up to 3.4” which can accommodate phones as large as the iPhone6+ and Samsung Note)! Most importantly, SelfieOnAStick.com selfie sticks are made to be strong enough to take your fiercest selfie (or selfWe – group photo!) without smashing your phone to smithereens. Snap with confidence – SelfieOnAStick.com selfie sticks – better stick for a better pic!

The differences in quality have been noticed by the media including Vogue, People, Woman’s Wear Daily, Hollywoodlife.com, Bloomberg, the New York Post, and many more. As another testament to quality, SelfieOnAStick.com is proud to have worked with brands like The Ritz Carlton, MLB, WIRED Magazine, Macy’s and many others to create private label selfie sticks for a wide array of events and activations.

Co-founder Dominic Suszanski says “Both Jacqueline and I were thrilled when we got the first sample request from Vogue Magazine in January 2015. We provided the SelfieOnAStick.com Classic model for a shoot by Mario Testino that featured Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid using Selfie On A Stick to film themselves and friends Ansel Elgort, Cody Simpson, and Justin Bieber during the shoot.” Dominic adds “A month after our first Vogue appearance, a customized SelfieOnAStick.com Wired model was featured on Vogue.com again in May 2015. We worked with bride Elizabeth Fisch to custom monogram enough selfie sticks for her guests so that they could have fun taking pictures and sharing personal moments all night long!”

In addition to appearing on Vogue.com, leading publications have praised the brand’s selfie sticks including:

  • People Magazine, October 2015 - “Top Selfie perfecting beauty product”
  • Woman’s Wear Daily, September 2015 - “These colorful tech accessories stand out at the bus stop, in the library and during after-school activities.”
  • HollywoodLife.com, August 2015- “Awesome gadget...that will make your trip more fun, more comfortable and more stylin’”

SelfieOnAStick.com consistently earns five star reviews directly from customers. Professional tech reviewers agree, and on June 2, 2015 Fox News tech correspondent Shelly Palmer, highlighted the differences in quality between the SelfieOnAStick.com Wired selfie sticks and other cheap options!

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