Shop our specially priced Selfie On A Stick Wired, Wireless, and Classic Selfie Stick Party Packs of 12 sticks! Perfect to hand out at the start of your party to encourage everyone to capture pictures throughout the party.

Selfie On A Stick Bluetooth - 12 Pack
from 84.99

There’s no party like a Selfie On A Stick party! Get a 12-pack of Bluetooth selfie sticks and selfie the night away.

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Selfie On A Stick Classic Gift Pack 12
59.99 149.99

A set of 4 Selfie On A Stick Classic selfie sticks - perfect for any party, get together or fun night out! The best quality selfie stick you can buy! 

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Selfie On A Stick Wired 12 Pack
84.99 199.99

Looking for a fun party idea? Try Selfie On A Stick! Our selfie stick 12-packs will keep your friends busy for hours.

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With Selfie On A Stick Party Packs, the possibilities for fun are endless. Our discounted party pack pricing will let you give out selfie sticks at your event and encourage your friends to share party photos with your very own party hashtag. Or, create a DIYSelfie photo booth for everyone to enjoy.

There’s no better way to get your party started than with Selfie On A Stick. That’s why we’re a favorite of celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, Steve Harvey, and Cody Simpson. Order your selfie stick party pack now only at to get your whole party in the picture.

If you're looking to order more than 24 selfie sticks, please contact our office

Selfie On A Stick is the best selfie stick to capture memories made at your party, happy hour, fundraiser, or corporate event. Use a Selfie On A Stick to allow each guest to capture and share their photos with a party hashtag!


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Selfie On A Stick is America's most trusted luxury selfie stick brand!