August 6, 2014 New York, NY, USA (August 6, 2014) — Announcing the launch of the internet’s best and easiest to use source for a colorful variety of ‘selfie sticks'; the hottest accessory that makes every selfie the #perfectselfie!

BuzzFeed recently said, “here’s a thing that’s quickly becoming a part of our shared reality: it’s called the ‘selfie stick,’ and people are going absolutely crazy over it.” is selling a limited supply of these much-coveted, telescopic, selfie-enhancing wonders in 4 colors, Red, Pink, Black, and Blue for $20 each. If you act fast and use promo code: STICKME, you’ll save 25% off your order!!

Don’t forget that these make great gifts for your #selfie obsessed friends, kids, coworkers and anyone else that loves pictures of themselves. is accepting wholesale orders of 50 or more by emailing Customized logos can be created and applied to the stick making it the perfect accessory or do-it-yourself photo booth for business parties, weddings, or your kid’s next birthday party! is excited to help you take the #perfectselfie. Selfie sticks let you extend your reach and quickly change the perspective you take your next #selfie from. The #selfiestick is approximately eight inches long fully collapsed, allowing easy portability in your purse, backpack, diaper bag etc. The #selfiestick can be extended to approximately three feet long, allowing you to easily capture your next group #selfie #usie.

Hurry, order today before supplies run out!!
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