Selfie On A Stick Partners With QVC

NEW YORK, Jan. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Selfie On A Stick, the most recognized Selfie Stick brand in the US, is excited to announce that Selfie On A Stick Selfie Sticks will be available for the first time on QVC, the world's leading home shopping and ecommerce retailer. Jacqueline Verdier, CEO and Co-Founder of Selfie On A Stick LLC said that "QVC is an amazing retail platform that will allow everyone to see how much fun it is to use a Selfie On A Stick Selfie Stick". Verdier adds that "not only is a Selfie On A Stick fun to use for Selfies and SelfWEs [group photos], but the pictures really are great because of the angles the stick allows you to capture!".

QVC joins the growing list of retailers that Selfie On A Stick has partnered with.  "QVC's decision to feature Selfie On A Stick Selfie is a testament to the quality of our product. We think QVC is just a natural partnership and we are excited about future sales features with them," added Verdier.

Dominic Suszanski, Co-Founder of Selfie On A Stick LLC said "We know that everyone who loves taking selfies will love the Selfie On A Stick! The great thing about using a Selfie On A Stick is that you can capture big groups of friends or family for a great #SelfWE. We have found that Selfie On A Stick is successfully sold by a wide variety of retailers, from traditional gift shops and department stores, to hotel gift shops, hardware stores, toys shops, and magic shops!"

Selfie On A Stick will begin sales on QVC on Wednesday January 28, 2015 and future sales will be announced by Selfie On A Stick via social media including Instragram, @SelfieOnAStick, Twitter @SelfieOnAStick, and More information can also be found

About Selfie On A Stick LLC: Selfie On A Stick is a leading selfie stick brand that can be found at retail stores throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Selfie On A Stick is a New York City, NY based business which specializes in providing high quality Selfie On A Stick brand selfie sticks to retailers and direct to consumers. Selfie On A Stick is also a leader in selfie stick customization for businesses and consumers looking for unique gifts or promotional items.

About QVC: QVC offers a curated collection of desirable brands to millions of customers around the globe each day through broadcast, Internet, and mobile sales platforms. QVC is the world's top multimedia shopping company in terms of viewers and revenue and ranks among the top online mass merchandise retailers. Based outside of Philadelphia in West Chester, PA, QVC has 17,000 employees worldwide. The company has state-of-the-art broadcast and eCommerce operations at its corporate headquarters, known as "Studio Park," as well as studios in all its global markets. QVC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation (QVCA, QVCB, formerly known as Liberty Media Corporation).