The Official Selfie On A Stick: The Best Quality Selfie Stick

Selfie On A Stick models securely hold your phone and won't spin around when fully extended, capture a perfect portrait! Check out our premium quality selfie sticks that have been praised by People, Good Morning America, and many more! Starting to plan your holiday party? Selfie Sticks are a great gift for guests to take pictures and share with friends on social media.

Selfie On A Stick works with most handheld devices, including the Apple iPhone 6 & 6+, iPod and Samsung Galaxy models running Android 4.3 or higher. 

We’ve All Been There. You’re Visiting NYC For The First Time And You’re Standing In Front Of The Empire State Building. It’s A Perfect Photo Opp. You Grab Your IPhone, Extend Your Arm Out, And Click — And You’re Stuck With Another Photo Of Your Giant Head Blocking Out Everything Else In Sight.

Why is it always so difficult to get the perfect selfie? Because you don’t have Selfie On A Stick (yet)!

What is Selfie On A Stick, you say? The original Selfie On A Stick securely holds your phone in place and extends up to a whopping 42.5 inches — that’s over three feet! — so you can capture that perfect selfie, every time. Our premium-quality selfie camera sticks are great for self-portraits, family photos and party shots. Gone are the days of leaving someone (or something) out of the picture, or having to ask a stranger to take a pic for you.

Selfie On A Stick works with most handheld devices, including the Apple iPhone, iPod and Samsung Galaxy; and nearly any digital camera. We offer three types of selfie sticks at different price points, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

With the Classic, our most affordable Selfie On A Stick, simply set your camera timer to take the photo. Or, get a Classic + Bluetooth Camera Remote and nix the timer; just pair the selfie stick with your phone and press the button on the remote to snap your photo.

Another great option is our Wired selfie stick. Plug the wire into the headphone jack of your smartphone and click the stick to take the pic. For the easiest and quickest selfie experience, you have to try our Bluetooth selfie stick. All you have to do is pair the stick with your iOS or Android device and start clicking — no timer or wire needed!

It’s easy to see why Selfie On a Stick is America’s favorite luxury selfie stick brand as well as the preferred brand of celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber. We’ve also been featured on, WWD,, FOX 5 NYC, NewsWatch TV, and Business Rockstars.

See for yourself what all the hype is about! Watch selfie sticks in action on the Selfie On A Stick official YouTube Channel, and buy here for lightning-fast shipping. If you’re in NYC, you can also visit the Selfie On A Stick Flagship Store and Photo Booth in Times Square. We can’t wait to see your perfect selfies!