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Selfie On A Stick models extend up to three and a half feet and securely hold your phone with a spring-loaded clamp. Our selfie sticks work with most handheld devices, including the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and many digital cameras, and are conveniently available in three types: Wired, Bluetooth, and Classic.

With our Wired and Bluetooth Selfie On A Stick, all you have to do is plug the wire into your phone’s headphone jack or pair the Bluetooth stick with your device. Then it’s easy as clicking the stick to take your pic! Or, get the Selfie On A Stick Classic + Bluetooth Camera Remote for the easiest selfies you’ll ever take — no wires or camera timer needed. This combination is so popular that it sold out during our live QVC presentation!

With five-star reviews and a number of celebrities endorsing us, you can’t go wrong with Selfie On A Stick. Shop now and buy one for yourself to see why Selfie On A Stick is the best selfie camera stick on the market.



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