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Chuck D #USSIE Stick
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Get the squad together and get everyone in the picture! Designed by Chuck D in collaboration with, the Ussie Stick lets you take the perfect selfie and ussie. 

 “30 years 104 tours 103 countries in music add 25 years on the lecture circuit,” Chuck D says “Yes, I take a lot of pictures as smartphone pics replaced the autograph. People say "oh a selfie," I correct them by saying 2 or more people is a Ussie. Thus, the Ussie Stick hopefully will be termed and trending as we go from ME to WE, in this selfie century. All together now.” 

Why is it always so difficult to get the perfect ussie? Because you don’t have Chuck D's #Ussie Stick (yet)!

What is Chuck D's Ussie Stick? Chuck partnered with the the nation's most sought after and talked about selfie stick brand, to bring fans a Public Enemy approved selfie stick. 

Use your Ussie Stick to shoot videos and share with the Public Enemy network #ChuckDUssie #SquadStick #StickPic #MeToWe. 

The original Chuck D #Ussie Stick securely holds your phone in place and extends up to a whopping 42.5 inches — that’s over three feet! — so you can capture that perfect ussie, selfie, every time. Our premium-quality selfie sticks are great for ussies, selfies, family photos and party shots. Gone are the days of leaving someone (or something) out of the picture.

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